A Quick Look at Cameradojo

  • An online photography shop online that offers comprehensive reviews
  • Using professional photography tools via cameradojo.com
  • Being a knowledgeable buyer of photography products through reviews written about them at cameradojo.com

Perhaps the best thing that happened to photography can be summed up in one word: CAMERADOJO.

If you can read a review from CAMERADOJO, you would notice that it changes your perception of photography, it changes for the better. You’ll come out an informed buyer with these reviews, so that by the time you buy your next photography gadget, you’ll have a pretty good idea on what type of tool or gadget to cash in.

Also, you’ll be able to read a list tools that are trendy and at the same time durable, something that you need when you’re about to go serious about your photography, or making a career out of it.

CAMERADOJO gives you an opportunity as well to share what you do know about photography or gadgets for that matter, because you can submit an article for them. So after reading their reviews, and getting valuable information about it, you might want to add more to it through your article contribution. So you learn at the same time share what you have with CAMERADOJO.

It is not enough that you buy the latest gadget or know how to edit a particular photo image, you also need to get acquainted with people who are knowledgeable about cameras, drones, or anything that’s connected with photography, for you to keep up and stay relevant at all times.

And you can only do that through CAMERADOJO. Nothing but the best if you decide to go the CAMERADOJO way. It’s no exaggeration, really, why anything that is beautiful photography can be summed up with one word, “CAMERADOJO”, that’s because it not only improves your photos, it enhances your perception of photography as well.

Resume Templates for You to Download

  • Template examples you can download for your resume
  • Easy resume writing with these template examples online
  • Immediate hiring courtesy of these resume template examples

Are you having a difficult time writing a resume? Do you spend long hours trying to write a resume that really converts? Then it’s about time you need to check these resume template examples you can get online.


It’s not a waste of time at all if you check out these resume templates examples online. Just make sure you don’t copy word by word what is written in these resumes. Otherwise, you will get the best resume templates and format for your job application.

The list seemed unending if we talk about these resume template examples. For every type of job, for every type of skill you have, and even for every type of design you can think of, there’s always a list for that.

It is perfectly fine to emulate some of the styles of these resume template examples. Download a resume and modify it in a way that would highlight your special talents, so that your future boss will be encouraged to hire you right there and then.

How advantageous it would be if you can already make that impression to your prospective boss just by sending that cool resume. In doing so, your interview will be more of a formality than a necessity, because you have already laid down the predicate of being a valuable employee through the resume you submitted.

Thanks mainly to these resume template examples. It is safe to say that your job application is already within reach if you can send a resume that has all the likings of that resume template examples online.

Gone are those days when you spend so many hours trying to write your resume, and these resume template have it right from the start.

More of These Free Presets for Lightroom

  • Free, downloadable apps for the improvement of your photos
  • Editing your photos like seasoned designers do by using presets for Lightroom
  • Photography tools that allow you to save resources as well

If you’re not familiar with these presets as photo editing tools, then you’re missing something. Not because you are deprived of editing your photos the cool way, but that you might be spending much, and yet you still fall short of what you really wanted with your photos.


Lightroom is providing you a way out as far as spending is concerned because there’s tons of Lightroom presets free online that you can use for your photos.

Whether we admit it or not, most of our photo editing tools nowadays are so expensive. And that is expected because we are talking about enhancing the color, texture and aura of these images which is not possible if you use ordinary tools, in the first place.

Designers spend much just to have that perfect image on their magazines. So if they can help it, they will use these Lightroom presets free still, and save a better part of their resources for other things such as marketing and production expenses.

You won’t appreciate the value of these Lightroom presets free until you use it for your photos. The resources you somehow saved out of using these free tools allows you to buy gadgets, for instance, so you can further improve your already improved images.

And mind you, these Lightroom presets free produces effects like those  paid presets. There’s not much difference, really, if you’re using free or paid presets, as long as it is from Lightroom, everything is perfect.

So stick to these Lightroom presets free from now on. You won’t find a better tool that enables you to save resources at the same time. Only with Lightroom.

New Wedding Photography Tools: DRONES AND GOPROS

  • Most photographers are used to cover events using old photography gears.
  • Photographers are still in the awe for these high-tech gadgets.
  • People nowadays don’t settle for less, bride and groom to be don’t settle for anything less.

Most photographers are used to cover events using their advanced DSLR cameras and lenses. But with the help of todays modernized technology, photographers can now take the next step in providing better photography. But how can they do that? Well, here’s the thing, drones and GoPros are now available in the market and it can be used for wedding events or other professional photography related tasks.



However, photographers are still in the awe for these high-tech gadgets. They still need more time to understand, analyze and explore the new digital inventions. Drones, Osmos and action cameras like GoPro and SJCAM can possibly take photography to the next level. Osmos don’t require DSLR cameras,  but still can produce cinematic effect. Drones and action cameras on the other hand can capture aerial and moving shots.

As you can see, people nowadays don’t settle for less, bride and groom to be don’t settle for anything less. They wanted the best equipment possible to use for their wedding shots. As a photographer, investing in these newly invented gears is a must if you really want to maintain a healthy photography business.

Of course, aside from having these gear, you should also maintain an upgraded and well-managed photo editing tool. In my opinion, Adobe Lightroom is the best post processing tool so far. By using it, I can organize, manage and modify images at the same time. Also, I can download third party workflows like Sleeklens’ wedding Lightroom presets free.

Wedding photography is exciting after all, you get to use the most advanced technology first and share it with your friends, and clients.


Filtering Photos via Lightroom

  • A photo-enhancing app that filters your photo images to make it more stunning
  • Exploring that 3D effect using Lightroom filters
  • Creating real life images via filters from Lightroom

Lightroom is changing the way we enhance our photos. In fact, it’s even changing the landscape of photography is a big way. Anybody can now edit and enhance their photos with just one click and can literally incorporate a variety of effects even in a single photo.


As in the case of these Lightroom filters. Filtering in photography is a relatively new concept. In the early days of photography, all photographers need to do is to enhance either the color or such picture or adjust its light. Today, however, you can even enhance the luminosity of your photo images.

But with Lightroom filters, you can make further enhancements to your images, especially on those details that are quite hard to deal with using ordinary photo apps.

What makes these Lightroom filters perfect for your photos? There’s at least three things that make them perfect with your photos.

  1. Nothing superficial – Lightroom filters enable you to edit intricate details in your photo for you to come up with authentic images. Your picture will not look fake after making some adjustments with these filters.
  2. That 3D effect – Filtering improves the texture of your photo images, sort of having that interactive feel you can’t find with other photo-enhancing apps.
  3. A list of filters to choose from – Of course, with so many presets and brushes in its collection, filtering comes in bunches as well. The effect would be that there are enough options for you to enhance your photos out of the many filtering choices you have.

The choice is still yours when it comes to the enhancement of your photos, but Lightroom filters make it easy for you. Not only you’re given tons of choices as far as presets and brushes are concerned, you’re also given a variety of effects for you to accentuate your photo images.

So grab a hold of photo enhancing solution now and make these Lightroom filters a part of your routine when improving your photos and your image online. Now that is quite a change from Lightroom.

That Action Element in Your Photo

  • Tip for photographers on how to put “action” into their pictures
  • Photoshop actions to use for your outdoor photos
  • Beautiful, stunning effects only from Photoshop actions

The concept of incorporating “action” into a photo is unheard of many years back. Now, with Photoshop actions, you can use that concept on your photo images, particularly with your outdoor pictures.

There’s a lot of activity going on in an outdoor photo. But actions for outdoor photos come in with a difference because Photoshop allows you to edit and enhance your photos according to your style and personality.


But why the need for some “action” for your outdoor pictures? To make it make more interesting is probably the initial reason why many photographers find it a necessity to use Photoshop actions for their photos.

It is almost a sin, as a photographer, to post dull, boring pictures online. If photography is your bread and butter, you will eventually lose clients. So if you want to increase the ante as far as producing cool, quality photos online, these actions for outdoor pictures from Photoshop is the tool to use.

And these are the kinds of photos that perks up the imagination even. You can almost feel the texture of that model’s skin or even feel the blue waters below your feet with Photoshop actions. Simply put, you get to see images that so lifelike they seem to jump out of that photo.

So if you’re a photographer serious about making a difference with your landscapes, these actions for outdoor pictures will serve you better. No need to look for other photo enhancing tools for you to create those beautiful, stunning effects online, you can have your Photoshop action any time of the day.

Make a difference by presenting your landscapes in a variety of effects, as this will increase the interest of your clients as far as your output is concerned. Make these actions for outdoor pictures from Photoshop a part of your tools and routine.

The secret of putting that “action” element is out, and that secret comes in the form of these actions for outdoor photos, courtesy of Photoshop.

Understanding the Significance of Sending Thank You Cards

Generally, thank you cards are a simple gesture of showing appreciation or acknowledgement. However, these “thank you cards” can also be used as a marketing tool for your business strategy. The time you invested in creating a huge number of thank-you cards for your clients is not a waste of time because, in that way, you’re telling your clients that they are important to you and your business.


In this article, we will talk about why you should use and send thank you cards as your business marketing strategy.

It gives you the opportunity to reunite with your clients and employees

Sending a nice and well-designed thank you cards allows you to reconnect or reunite with your employees and clients. By doing such a simple act, you’re not just flattering their feelings, but you also allow them to be in a good working relationship with you. You can check more great thank you cards at Infoparrot, they provide tips and ideas about the best thank you card template.

Allows you to experience a smooth sailing, working environment

When your employees feel that their effort were appreciated, chances are, they will strive hard to excellence until they get another thank you card or letter from you. In addition, when they feel appreciated, they also continue to inspire other coworkers, making it a happy and an enjoyable working environment.

Allows you to point out important matters

While giving thank you cards as a way of expressing great gratitude to your employees and clients, it is also a great tool to give logical statements. It could either be a simple work feedback that you want to extend to them or a reminder about their standing in the office.

Allows you to establish rapport with new employees

Sending thank you cards for new employees is one of the best strategies you can make for them to feel happy on their first day. Telling them how grateful you are about them, joining the company will inspire them even more.

The Philosophy Of Photoshop Actions

Have you ever thought of trying Photoshop action yet? Perhaps you still have tons of questions running through your mind about what action is all about and why most photographers are using it for their images. Photoshop actions are like presets in Lightroom or any other filtered images available online, they help you simplify and speed up the whole editing process.

PS1Photographers are known to be great travelers because they always bring their camera with them and shoot the most beautiful scenarios around them. However, the images stored in their camera are just raw shots, it needs the help of the best post processing tool to make it even more stunning and beautiful. Moreover, photographers are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of images and each photo requires processing, retouching, adjusting the exposure and more.

Photographers have been using Photoshop actions since all they have to do is to replay the recorded editing steps to their images. With actions, they can save a lot of time and effort, and at the same time giving them more time to shoot more photos. Photographers have two options to choose from for the sake of their images; one is to edit photos one by one and manually, and the second is to just record an action, edit some of it and reuse it to a variety of images.

Basically, when using Photoshop actions, manually adjusting colors, exposure, retouching blemishes and other steps is eradicated. With a collection of actions, the process can be done in just a few simple clicks or just clicking the record and play button. Actions are indeed great time-savers, there’s no wonder why more and more users are using Photoshop again after a long time. Moreover, if you’re not fond of creating actions, you can always download third party Photoshop actions online.

Looking Great with Lightroom Presets

It isn’t hard to deny the impact of a good portrait. They generate a lot more meaning than any other photo style you can think of. And even if you are not in the mood when that picture was taken, with the right photo enhancing tools, however, you can still have that quality portrait that people will notice.

That is the benefit of having Lightroom as your photo enhancing solution. With a big list of great looking Lightroom presets in its collection, you can be assured of a photo that catches everyone’s attention.


Lightroom offers the total package when it comes to photo enhancing or editing. It has the tools and presets for your photo needs, as in the case of its “Strike a Pose Workflow” and “Chasing Light Workflow”, portrait presets that allows you to enhance your photos with finesse, resembling that of images found on glossy magazines and larger-than-life posters.

These workflows combine a staggering 129 presets and 83 brushes to choose from for that ultimate photo experience. Needless to say, you are in for more quality (photo) posting online out of these Lightroom-enhanced pictures.

Consequently, the idea of stacking and layering one image after another also is quite possible also with Lightroom. This will create effects that are not found on ordinary action cams photo enhancing apps, the level of enhancement Lightroom has made for quality and sophisticated photos.

Having a big list of great looking Lightroom presets for your photos is all you need for the retouching your face online. Download these free presets now so you can improve your image further on your social media page. How convenient it would be if you can improve your portraits without consuming a lot of time and cost-efficient.

You can also check out Lightroom’s Tutorial Facebook Group for those specific enhancements, and for you to get the best possible improvement for your photos.

So when it comes to your portrait needs, now is the time to consider Lightroom as your ultimate photo editing solution. You will find it a joy and a privilege to be able to use it on your photos; it makes things more colorful and improves the quality of life in the process. And you will always look great with these Lightroom presets.

Easy, Simple Rules for Photo Editing

Editing your photo is not that difficult a task. It may sound like there’s a lot of things you need to do when in fact there are a few things you only need to consider. Although this piece is about how to edit and retouch images easily, we will concentrate more on the elements, so you will be guided when you edit or retouch your photos.

We will call these elements rules so you will know what to do on how to edit and retouch images easily. These rules should be your guidepost for you to achieve that desired look you have in mind.


Rule 1: Don’t Overcook

While your intention is to improve your look on your photo, be careful, nonetheless, in putting so many enhancements on top of each other as these will lower the resolution or authenticity of your image. There are photo images that look good with minimal enhancements. Subtlety, no matter how trivial it might be to some, is still key in presenting pictures with finesse.

Rule 2: Get in Sync

If you are using Lightroom as an enhancing tool, Rule 2 is always in place. This has something to do in synchronizing specific adjustments from a range of pre-selected images. As far as Lightroom is concerned, you can do your synchronization through its Library module. Just follow the procedures shown above, press Sync through its Settings button, only then you can add pieces or adjust your respective photos according to your preference.

Rule 3: Do a Level Check

Since you have to go through layers in editing a photo, it makes sense that you check its levels from time to time. For example, if you find your photos flat, it might be time for you to check the levels and see to it that the histogram is not stretch either to the left or right portion of the window. You can achieve a more dynamic photo image if you have the habit of checking its levels.

Rule 4: Taking it Easy with Saturation

Like all things when it is done in excess creates a more problematic outcome. The same can be said about saturation in a photo. Unless you want to create an uncanny and unnatural image to shock or amuse your viewers, you can experiment with saturation to your heart’s content, regardless of color. Otherwise, you need to go easy with it. Strive for more clear and crisp photos. Excessive use of saturations are for artsy types.

Rule 5: Don’t Forget Exposure

Never make adjustments with color unless you do something about your photo’s white balance, including contrast. This has something to do with exposure. Colors are easy to edit when you have made the necessary adjustments with exposure.

These are just a few of the many rules on how to edit and retouch images easily. It is not that difficult an undertaking if you can follow these easy, simple steps, the elements that you need to consider, when editing your photos. You will love it even when you get the hang of it.