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There is a requirement to have every minute understanding on what really happened that rose the issue. If the suspension of Amazon was a result of repeated warning which you really didn’t take care of, just remain sure to speak specifically to the recent coming warmings and let the service known for any sort of violation that you have missed in the past which were certainly removed by the seller on the same day and the seller can filter them in order to keep them avoided from coming back again.

The second thing here is to bring answer to this question “What the seller really did to resolve the issue that really caused the suspension of the account?”

Another sort of question can be about the future maintenance of the issue and what can the seller do in order to avoid the issue from moving any forward.


About the Best practices:

It is important to remain extremely specific as possible. Keep the message in the Broad form or putting in between inverted commas like “ this will not happen again”, “It has been taken well care off” might help to show that the seller has taken care of the issue or has taken necessary steps in protecting the issue from coming back.

A seller is to quantify everything possible. It is important to not use “several”, “a few”, “occasionally” or any such words in replacement to this you can use time frames and numbers where ever possible to have your hold on the Amazon appeal like you really want to it happen all nice and at its best.

amazon suspensionOne can also take some references to specific policies that have caused the issue to show that you have really understood it and you are taking every necessary action to put it in action and avoiding the future complications coming with it.  One can even show that he or she has already excluded some of the specific sections from the catalogue by a brand or category if they had any issue or one can show that he or she has reduced some other items after getting to know that they have the same policy issue.

 It is to highly avoid using phrases like it will not happen again, I am sorry because all that matters in your amazon appeal are methods you are using to avoid it.