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Cardiac arrest can happen into a person anywhere and at any time. The people around the victim are supposed to take essential steps in order to save the life of the victim. Obviously they must provide first aid to the victim in order to extend their survival for some extra time; so that within this timing, the victim can be taken into the hospital and can be provided with essential treatment. Before moving to the first aid, the person must declare whether the victim is suffering from cardiac arrest. They must see the symptoms in order to ensure this factor.


The person who is attacked by cardiac arrest will exhibit some important signs. There will be no movement in their body. Both the heart beat and breathing of the person will get stopped. The victim will not respond to any questions raised against them. Based on these factors, one can declare that the person is severely attacked by cardiac arrest. Hence without any kind of hesitation, the first aid can be started immediately.

First aid

As soon as pointing out the symptoms of cardiac arrest in a person, one must call the emergency without making delay. After making the call, they must start with the first aid procedures. As the first thing the victim should be brought to the position. The chest portion must be deeply pressed in order to deliver breath. In case if the victim is injured and if he/ she is bleeding, the bleeding should be stopped immediately in order to avoid blood loss. This is because it may worsen their case to a greater extent. After bringing them to the right position, CPR should be started. The compression should be started and for every 30 compressions, two breaths should be delivered. In case if any one nearby knows AED, their help can be hired. This can be done only by the people who are properly certified. People who want to learn this training can approach first aid certification upland ca, where they can get the best training without any constraint.

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