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This story lies to manage the best with an optimum prime with the key factor to saving the future that lies buried into the secrets of the past lying in the hidden history of transformers on earth. The story line focuses on optimus prime that finds his home planet, cyberton which is now a dead planet. In that he comes to find with which he was responsible for killing. Next, he finds a way to bring the planet back to life but for that he need to find an artifact which is on the earth.

The story completely explores the character of the true knights who are delivering leadership and that are not the lord over the people. The characters are real heroes who are going to work for saving the planet and making it a true place of survival. As a knight, the fighter is going to understand what the significance of being a knight is and makes it encased to be an ideal knight. In the story the soul is pure and sacred to bring on wealth and serene enjoyment which is wonderful to make other soul move freely in the realm of freewill to reserve the souls that have the power to attain great heights of pureness. To bring on the pureness to the conduct and conditions the knights are simple and are going to provide with exclusive element of living a perfectly fairer life. The fighter here is an advanced source to make on victory over the false and crime. This is the best movie ever being rated to entertainment profile.