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Drugs are always complicated things which have to be managed to make it simple with effective remedies. When you are using these remedies then you will have to make use of it. Hair samples can be used for testing the drugs and also it should be made easy with the help of home remedies. With the help of the hair specimens that are collected from home can be utilized for testing in laboratory and also it can be easily used for making this test simple. These hairs are tested against the illegal substances.

Easy home remedies

You may have confusions how to pass a hair drug test home remedy for effective results. If you are in such situation then it is made simple with the help of effective and easy methods that are used for getting better results. Most commonly used home remedy methods are discussed here and they are Mocujo method and Jerry G method. These methods are easily used for getting better benefits and also it is mainly used for producing best results. These methods are effective and also it will help you in achieving better results which are easy to use.

Mocujo method

  • This is one of the popular and the most commonly used home remedy.
  • When you are using aloe shampoo on hair then it is hard and also this is effective method.
  • When you are using this shampoo some preventive measures like
    • Heinz vinegar
    • Tide detergent
    • Salicylic acid
    • Shower cap
    • Goggles
  • The above mentioned things are needed in this method. These things are massaged in hair and also should be wiped out from the skin in order to avoid burns.
  • Shower cap should be rinsed after 30 minutes and should be allowed to wash.
  • This will remove the oil from the hair and also it is effective and dry method.
  • After this process the hair has to be allowed for drying about one hour and then the deep conditioning should be performed in the hair for effective results.

Jerry G method

  • Bleaching is one of the commonly used remedy for hair and this jerry G method involves bleaching of hair.
  • Detox toxin shampoo is employed for removing toxins from the hair and this is followed by peroxide bleach which should be performed for effective bleaching.
  • This process is flowed by dying of hair back to its original color and also it is the simple method of bleach.
  • The hair might be damaged but this is one of the effective methods and dying should be made earlier.
  • To avoid toxins from the hair it is important to use the conditioner and also clean shampoo should be used.