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The crossword puzzles are word games where clues are being provided to the player which helps in solving the words on vertical and horizontal boxes in a grid. Crosswords appear daily in the newspapers. The crossword puzzle answers are provided the following day on the local daily.

types of cryptic crosswords

The benefits of solving a crossword puzzle:

  • There is an enhancement of sharper thinking skills: solving the crossword puzzles everyday can help in enhancing your thinking skills. When you read the clues and look into the corresponding slots you know how many letters the answer is made up of. You definitely will bond with this game once you get the hang of it. All you need is some brainstorming, creativity and obviously a lot of practise.
  • Provides with some great spare time entertainment: crosswords have become such an amazing source of entertainment these days. After getting a few solved people start liking it and some are also addicted to it. Even solving one clue gives you immense satisfaction. While searching for the actual answer you might come across some interesting news which you were not even on a lookout for. You can even find cool sites which you never know existed.
  • Helps in improving your knowledge on trivia: if the trivia subjects were your interests then solving these crosswords will teach you some interesting tidbits.
  • Get your vocabulary improved: all the puzzles will contain one word clues and the answers will be another word which means the same, you need to start brainstorming and get to the answer. A dictionary comes to the rescue here. This will definitely come in use for you in your lifetime you can use these words at school, office, in your assignments or even when giving an interview. It will show how good your command is over the language.

The types of cryptic crosswords: This type is broadly classified into 3 types which include the following:

  • The block grids: these are the famously and widely solved crossword type. 15 squares by 15 squares will have a maximum of 30 – 32 words in it.
  • The barred grid: the word endings and divisions of this puzzle are marked by bars. The standard size of such puzzle is 12 squares by 12 squares. The grid is smaller and will have 32 – 36 words in it.
  • Thematics: these are barred but can be rectangular or even circular but not necessarily squared.

Many times people feel that the crossword puzzle is for the so called smarty pants or the nerds or geeks but that is not how it is, anyone who can sit back and put on their thinking shoes can get through with the crossword quiz answers. Some tend to lose interest since they couldn’t figure out the answers last time they sat with a crossword puzzle.