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cash for cars Jacksonville FL

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Car Ownership: How to Obtain Or Transfer?

There are two ways of purchasing a car. Either you buy a brand new car from the respective showroom or you may buy a second hand or used car either from a showroom or from the private seller. The common problem is that of registering the vehicle in your name.

In the case of a new car, it is easy as mostly the company itself does the ownership paperwork by themselves in return for some amount or even for free. But the problem arises in the case of second-hand cars, as the cars are already registered by the name of some other person. And changing the ownership to your name is an arduous task.

Obtaining Ownership

Obtaining an ownership is less hectic for you, especially while buying a car from the dealer. In the case of new cars, it is the dealer who does the paperwork for your ownership. You do not need to take any pressure on your paperwork. You just need to submit few documents to the dealer. These documents include ID proof and residential proof. Then you need to sign on the ownership form.

The rest of the work will be done by the sales executive like the roadworthy inspection check, obtaining the roadworthy certificate, doing the registration of the car and obtaining the number plate of the car.

Transferring Ownership

Transferring an ownership is a little hectic than obtaining a new one, as it is you who needs to do the paperwork. In this case, the procedures are the same but the numbers of documents that are required are more.

The first step is to visit the vehicle registration center. Then you need to submit the documents like the photocopies of the IDs and residential address of the new owner along with the ID proof of the previous owner. Also, the registration certificate, license application and roadworthy certificate of the vehicle are also required. Then, you need to fill up the change of ownership form. The registration application and licensing application also needs to be filled up and submitted. All these paperwork usually needs to be done by you.


Having the ownership in your name means you are legally the owner of the vehicle. So, after buying any vehicle, do the ownership to your name and make sure you do it quickly or rather make the dealer complete it quickly. While buying any used car, make sure to check the car properly before buying it and transferring the ownership to your name. If you find any fault in the car after the completion of the ownership, the previous owner or the private seller is not liable for any of the fault. A good option is chevy fresno.