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When it comes to hunting, right from the time, human race started, it was mainly followed for food, clothes and for trade. Earlier, before the invention of money, goods were purchased through trade. People followed the batter system where goods were purchased in exchange of other goods. For example: people got sugar in exchange of rice. Food was the main concern for people and hence every individual was taught to hunt. If hunting was for food, people handled simple techniques to kill as many animals as they could. Certain large and fast animals like lion, tiger and boar needed analysis and presence of mind to hunt. Hunting is no uncomplicated process to just stab an animal. If something goes wrong the person had to run for his life. Many even lost their lives in hunting. People started to kill small animals like squirrels, rats, birds and snakes with nets. Birds were easy to hunt as they used stick lime with some bird seeds. When birds get attracted to the seeds, they sit on the bark and get stuck to the stem thus caught using nets. Large animal’s need a sharp stone or stick projectile which was strong enough to pierce the skin of the animal.

Advantages of hunting

Though it an age-old tradition of hunting birds and animals, there are a few advantages of hunting for mankind. It is one of the few remaining means of controlling wildlife population. Though strict laws have been imposed today to avoid over hunting, it can always provide exercise and an increased knowledge on the outdoors. Some people go hunting with the family thus building the family bond. Many people are taught by the hunters in the family and they get quality time spent with their family. Hunting is more like an exercise which supports proper posture. It helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles thus evenly distributing the weight of the upper body, improving balance. Many of them enjoy the temperature and the serenity nature gives them. The main objective of hunting is to bring home the game meat and eat the fruits of hunting. It is only lean protein and it is essential for the betterment of the muscles. It not only helps in developing good fat but also gives the satisfaction of a perfect hunt.

Commercial Hunting

In spite of all the above-mentioned benefits, hunting is now followed by many online companies who have the best hunters tagged to them. They are licensed and experienced in 먹튀 the blood out of the hunt through tools for commercial purposes. Many animals that they hunt are used in the production of clothes and accessories. These are then passed on to the cleaning department where the skin is cleaned by sucking the blood and the other tissues thus making it ready to be processed.