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Apple is set to release their new version iOS 12 very soon. Apple had patched up the exploits used in their Electra Jailbreak for the iOS11.3.1 thus you can jailbreak iOS12 using the Electra Jailbreak when it’s released. So, here are a few things that jailbreakers need to know with an imminent release of the iOS 12. Suppose you are jailbreaking for a very long time now then you will probably know them, but, if you are new to jailbreaking world then I will suggest you go through them.

Never Update and Restore

The Electra jailbreak will not work with the iOS 12, if you are either on the iOS 11.3.1 and lower, you must avoid upgrading at iOS12 if you do not want to miss any of your favorite tweaks. Suppose you have the jailbroken device, upgrading to iOS12 can wipe out your jailbreak all along with iPhone jailbreak app. Apple has stopped signing any iOS11.3.1 files so you cannot downgrade from iOS12 to iOS11.3.1.

Electra jailbreak

Save SHSH Blobs

It’s always the good practice of saving the SHSH blobs, thus you may use tools such as Prometheus tool for upgrading and downgrading at iOS11.3.1 if needed to go for latest iPhone jailbreak again. You may use TSS Saver tool for saving your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch’s blobs. To use any online jailbreak tool, you require iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch’s ECID & device identifier.

saving your iPad

Uninstall Any Jailbreak Tweaks you do not use

As you are likely to run in the issue with tweak because of the compatibility issues with many other tweaks, it’s the good idea that you uninstall your best jailbreak apps and tweaks you don’t use. It can reduce any probability of running in any issue.

Don’t tinker with your File system

There are people who got in the trouble of tinkering with the file system like deleting the file by using iFile etc that actually ends up being the system file and it results in forcing user to restore the device. So for more help you can visit the website and get complete knowledge.

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